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Operation Speak Easy
Solider meets civilian
Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur
Pashto and Dari, key languages in Afghanistan
The funds allowed Pimsleur Language Programs to develop audio-based language courses and make downloads and audio-players (Playaway) available to US military personnel free of charge.  These all-audio programs are easily downloadable for use in the field or on a base through the USO website.  If no MP3-compatible device is available, or where power is an issue, Playaway audio players are preloaded and completely portable.

Speaking the local language has become mission critical in Afghanistan.
Pimsleur courses allow users to begin speaking immediately with near-native pronunciation and using common, everyday vocabulary. Upon completion,  users will have attained intermediate proficiency in speaking and understanding Pashto or Dari, and in reading the Pashto or Dari alphabets.

Operation Speak Easy features free downloads of the Pimsleur Pashto and Pimsleur Dari courses via the USO website and inclues the distribution of over 4,000 Playaway audio players in each language to US Troops, both those about to be deployed and those already on the ground in Afghanistan.

Thank you for your interest in Operation Speak Easy, a groundbreaking collaboration between The Boston Foundation, Pimsleur Language Programs, Playaway and the USO.  On this site you’ll find information about the project, the partnership and the products at the core of Operation Speak Easy.

Building bridges and breaking barriers

Boston-area philanthropist Omar Khudari had a dream of giving US troops the ability to communicate directly and easily with civilians and soldiers in Afghanistan, promoting understanding, compassion and good will.  Through a donor-advised fund at The Boston Foundation, and in collaboration with Simon & Schuster, the USO and Playaway, Operation Speak Easy was created to make this dream a reality.