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So, you’re too old for kids’ books, but your mom will freak out if you come home with anything scandalous! Turns out, ALADDIN M!X is the perfect fit. From best friend drama to not-so-tiny first crushes to new school adjustments, the ALADDIN M!X characters are up against the kind of life decisions any girl your age could find herself facing. Never lame or boring and perfect for today’s tween girl who refuses to leave the house without an iPod and cell phone, the ALADDIN M!X books read like a best friend telling you an amazing story! Aladdin Mix Books  - New Releases
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In Stealing Popular, Coco Sherwood loves to draw. What's your favorite thing to do outside of school?


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Party Planner Guide

Guide designed by Kristin Rae Creative

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In YOU'RE INVITED, four best friends start their own party-planning business. Now you can plan your own party just like them! Everything you need is included in this fun, downloadable Party Planning Guide!  

Download the OPERATION PUCKER UP Discussion Guide!

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